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William was the youngest son of Henry Best, he was baptised at Whitestone 26th May 1613. William had 3 children. Simon baptised 6th November 1635, Thomas baptised 14th June 1638, and perhaps William baptised 1st April 1651. William died in 1655 and was buried 8th February 1655.

SIMON BEST 1635 - 

Simon was the first child of William Best, he was baptised at Whitestone 6th November 1635. Simons' first child Rose was born 3rd March 1662 and baptised on the 16th March 1662. Thomas who was buried 14th January 1664. Symon was baptised 8th January 1665 sadly he died 2 weeks later and was buried 22nd January 1665. Joane was baptised 4th February 1666. Susanna baptised 29th September 1668. Susilla baptised 6th August 1671. William baptised 13th December 1674 and Simon baptised 14th October 1680.

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